I am honored to say I have worked for one of the oldest funeral homes in the country. I am proud to say that I have been with the Hockaday family for over 30 years.

I am pretty shocked that Hockaday is still going strong today. I can’t even count the number of funerals I have attended in my short time as a funeral home employee. They used to hire the best of the best, and then they didn’t have the necessary brains to stay in business anymore. I suppose their motto now is: “Keep it simple.” They’re doing okay though.

The Hockaday family was basically the last of the big names in funeral homes. They still run the top funeral homes in the country, and one of the reasons they are so successful is because they were able to keep the services simple. Hockaday makes his own casket and embalm the body of the deceased. This is an impressive feat when you consider that a much larger funeral home would be required to simply embalm the body.

I guess the real problem is that the Hockaday family is in such a small town that you can’t find them if you want to get away from the funeral home. They also do not seem to be able to find the person who wants to visit them. The Hockaday family has also been plagued with family members who have left them but have never been heard from again.

The Hockaday family is very well connected as we learn while watching the videos. There is also a video showing how they were able to take out a local family member who would be the last to know of their death. It is really interesting to watch how the community works as a whole, especially because it is a small town. It is also interesting to see how it is different from other cities where you have to pay attention to the day to day activities to know who to avoid.

The funeral home is also about to be shut down by the state because the state wants to get to know how and when the family died. The state also wants to know the type of funeral they will be providing. There is a video that shows the Hockaday family in a room with a coffin that was being prepared for burial, and the family member who died in the room.

The fact that the funeral home is being shut down is interesting because it is one of the most important places for families in a city to go when they are going through a difficult time. It is what we would call a “family burial.” The fact that the state is even looking at the funeral home is a bit weird. The state probably wants to find out the type of funeral the family was going to have.

But on the other hand, for all people who are going through a tough time, and for those of us who want to go to the same funeral as our loved ones, it is a sad time to be in a funeral home. And to shut it down is only adding to the sadness.

The funeral home in question is the hockaday funeral home in St. Louis. The state is apparently worried that the family is going to be too involved in the funeral services to handle properly.

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