I am a diehard fan of robinson funeral home easley sc and have been since we opened our doors to the public in 2003. The only down side to our reputation for being one of the best funeral homes in the state, is that it is a bit of a hike from our office. But, if you are making an appointment to do so you can do it conveniently from the office.

While I’m not a huge fan of the funeral home, I must admit to enjoying the experience of seeing a family and friend have a private service at our home. I’ve watched many a funeral and been a part of many a funeral home, so I feel comfortable enough to talk about my experiences.

My first experience was at a funeral home in the mid-90s. For a couple of hours I was a part of one of the most colorful funerals in the history of my life. While these kids were getting their throats slashed, I was being asked to make a speech, a “speech” as my mother would say.

During the service, I made my way from the front row to the back of the church to get a closer look and share a few words with the couple next to me. I told them, “My mom was supposed to be with us today and I’m sorry she’s not here to share her last words and she didn’t see it would be such a big deal.” I was surprised to see a man next to me start to cry.

I was pretty sure I was the only person crying in the packed auditorium, but I was wrong. Over the next few hours, I made many contacts throughout the congregation, including a few in the back and a few in the front, and made a few new friends as well. I was also able to meet a few people of my own, and even a few who knew I had a mother.

I met a few people from out of town who had never met me before, but the people I made new friends with were the ones I have known for a long time. While I was in Robinson today, I made a few new friends that had never met me before. Because I was there and did not know them, I made many new connections with the people who I met.

Of the people I made new friends with today, the ones I made new friends with really are the people I have known for a long time. I met a few of my old neighbors today, and made even more new connections with people I didn’t know before. Because they didn’t know me, we made even more new connections, and I was able to make a few new friends who I didn’t even know existed before.

I’m not sure if we can all call these new people friends. Maybe our new friends are just friends with our old friends. I know for me, I have an old friend who my old friends call “uncle” and a new friend who call uncle “uncle-buddy.

Yes, Robinson funeral home has gone by many names over the years, but its not the same thing as a “sc” or “es” in the sense that these are all real places that we visit. However, we have all been to a few and we have all been to a few of the places this new one is based around, and they are all incredible.

These aren’t your typical sc and es. These are places where you can actually experience something that you never would have had the opportunity to have a glimpse of otherwise. One time we went to to the location of the new funeral home and walked into a room that was totally empty. It was the most amazing thing I have ever been in my entire life. I didn’t even know that there was a funeral home there.

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