The following is written by one of the most prolific bloggers on the blogosphere. I’ve been following her for years, and it is an honor to write this for her. I had the pleasure of visiting her funeral home and having the opportunity to interview her. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I know it’s not the same as going to see a funeral or a memorial service, but I just really appreciate how well she did in making her death really personal. The funeral home I went to was a beautiful place (I’m not one to say it’s great, but it was beautiful) and the whole atmosphere was so relaxed. The family was sitting around a table and talking, and even the staff was very friendly.

I think the funeral home’s website makes it sound like the staff and family are so friendly. I honestly think that’s a big misconception. In the funeral home you’d see an elderly lady sitting in her chair, not sitting behind a desk. And if you were to visit an actual funeral home it’d be much more professional.

The service really was very professional. The staff was very pleasant and polite and kept everything on track. It was definitely a time to remember.

Funeral homes are supposed to be a very professional place. They are supposed to be places where you get to experience the same kind of atmosphere as you would in a church. However, the way they present this to you is a bit… off. Some of the staff is very friendly and fun, but the rest of the staff is a bit stiff and not very friendly. The staff is supposed to be very competent, but sometimes they just seem like they are trying to be funny.

This is an interesting point. Funeral homes are often used as places where people will be memorialized, or where they want to be memorialized. However, they are often places where people want to be memorialized that feel too impersonal. This seems to be the case with robbins brothers funeral home. The staff is very professional, but you just can’t help but feel like you are intruding on them with your presence.

It’s not so much that the staff is impersonal as it is that they have a very clear sense of how they are to be memorialized. They are a funeral home, but they do things differently. The staff is very professional and they use a lot of technology to try to make you feel comfortable. Most important of all, they are trying to be a place that you can be memorialized.

It seems that a lot of funeral homes are not unlike the robins brothers funeral home. They are not a place you can just stop by for a visit, but instead you are ushered in and guided through a series of rooms. There are always people in the rooms watching you and trying to make you feel comfortable with them. It’s not so much that the staff is impersonal as it is that they have a very clear sense of how they are to be memorialized.

The staff members at the robins brothers funeral home are all highly trained, licensed funeral directors. In fact, the funeral director at the funeral home who played the game’s protagonist in the trailer said that he wanted to be like the funeral director from the trailer, but that he’s trying to get better. And that he is trying to be respectful to the family of the deceased, so if that means that he tries to make the guests uncomfortable, that’s what he’ll do.

It’s always refreshing to see a video game trailer remind us that the real world is not as black and white as we might like to believe. We’re not just robots who can’t be bothered with some of the things we’d like to believe in. We really are.

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