There are hundreds of mystery shopping providers out there; how would you choose a potential mystery shopping service for you? Do you know how to assess and compare different mystery shopping services or companies based on some questions?

Today, we are here to reveal four essential questions that you must ask your next mystery shopping company. These questions will ensure that their services align with your business needs.

But before we begin, let us brief you about mystery shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a research-based program developed to help businesses and organizations gain objective observations of their staff and operations.

When a mystery shopper goes on the site as an assignment, they analyze everything from a customer’s point of view, giving you insights on what you should be doing for a better customer experience.

Top Questions to Ask the Mystery Shopping Company

Mystery shopping services can be used in any industry – manufacturing, restaurants, hotels, departmental stores, health care or other stores. And most mystery shopping services are developed to be used in any industry.

However, when it comes to selecting a potential mystery shopping provider for your business, here are some essential questions that you should ask the provider:

Question 1: How much experience and knowledge do they have of your particular industry?

You must look for a mystery shopping company already working in your industry. If they have the right knowledge and experience, their services will give you an edge over others. They might have already fixed their program to cater to your particular needs in the industry.

This way, they can make valuable recommendations related to your business objective.

Question 2: How do they intend to select their mystery shoppers for your business?

A great way to learn how the inside of the program works is by asking this question. A mystery shopping provider must select their shoppers wisely as they will provide mystery audit and other data. Only trained individuals with good experience can assess your locations and provide important feedback.

In addition, you can ask them about the qualifications of the shoppers and check whether they are fit for the job.

Question 3: What kind of support do they provide? Are there any features that set them apart?

The next important thing to ask the provider is the support that they will provide to your business. Will they offer you knowledge and expertise? Are there any special features in the mystery audit that will benefit your business in streamlining all the operations?

You will be good to go if they assign a particular client manager to your program who has the experience and can customize your program.

Question 4: How will they provide you with feedback on the program’s performance?

A solid mystery shopping company will provide actionable insights and help define your business objectives. It will help you assess the performance of your business with a baseline. It must flexibly integrate all the data for different locations in one place and help you get an unbiased picture of your brand performance.

Thus, a good mystery shopping provider should help you gain objectives and be customized according to your needs.

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