I have to tell you, I had no idea what to expect when I walked into this funeral home. When I walked into the lobby, I was taken to be one of the staff members. The place was so busy, I thought I was in a funeral home, or at least a funeral home funeral home.

I mean, just walking into those walls is like walking into a funeral home. And not just the walls, but the floors, too. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, the staff here are all there to make money.

The staff at this funeral home are a bunch of wealthy men and women who have been hired by a client who wants his body to be embalmed and donated to the church. Not surprisingly, the funeral home has a lot of money to be spent on decorating the room. These are the types of funeral home that have pretty upscale rooms, complete with chandeliers, marble-top tables, and big silver and gold chalices.

The funeral home’s staff are well on their way to being rich, despite the fact that they are the ones dying in this room. The funeral home itself is a beautiful building, but the staff spend their days in the same room as the dying. In fact, the entire facility is a state-of-the-art, high-end, expensive funeral home that has been decorated to look like a fancy funeral home.

At the heart of all this, however, is a funeral director named Adam. Adam has his own idea of how to make his friends at the funeral home as comfortable as possible. To make things worse, he has a lot of enemies, so he doesn’t really have any good options to take on his clients. So he just has to watch, do nothing, and hope that things don’t get out of control.

The whole thing is very much on display, as Adam watches the funeral from the comfort of his own home with his girlfriend.

Now that Adam is an employee of the funeral home, he has to deal with the rest of the staff, especially the receptionist, who has a big problem with his attitude. I had a chance to ask him about this in a Q&A. He said he wasnt really sure why he wasn’t being more friendly to the receptionist, but that wasnt his style.

It’s not like Adam has any control over how things are going to go, so he’s kind of stuck in the middle of it. He’s a bit irritated when he’s told that the receptionist is upset about something, but he’s not really sure what the problem is. Maybe it’s that the receptionist thinks he’s being a bit overly friendly to the guy who works there, but that’s not a big enough reason to make him change his mind.

Its not exactly the way its meant to be, but a funeral home is a place where people come to grieve from whatever it is that is killing them. In this case, the death of a loved one is what is killing him. He was not there as a friend or even as a person who cared about him. He was there as a person who needed to be picked up and placed on the funeral home’s waiting list.

You can still change your mind about someone at your funeral. When you die you can choose to be cremated or buried. Cremation is the most peaceful and painless way. You just sit there for a bit and let the ashes fall from your body to the ground. If you choose to be buried, just lay your head on your coffin and then close your eyes and let your spirit walk in peace.

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