My parents’ graves are just outside the door of this building. I’ve never been inside it. It’s a beautiful building, but I’d have to check to see if it actually exists.

This is a new funeral home, which is a fairly new trend right now. I dont know how this is supposed to be a new method of funerals, but it sounds pretty good on paper. In reality, this is just a glorified crematorium, which is the typical, generic funeral home that comes in many different shapes and sizes. The purpose of this new building is to create a new, more efficient way of transporting the ashes of the elderly to their final resting place.

The reason I mention this is that, although the idea sounds relatively new, the actual method of transporting the ashes is actually pretty old. In fact, the first funeral home in America to actually use this method was built by an African-American man named William H. Brown.

The goal of the graves funeral home is the same as the goal of the new crematorium: to transport the ashes of the elderly to their final resting place, but this new method is an entirely different business. In this new method, the ashes are packed into large, reusable plastic containers that are carried up to the top of the funeral home’s roof and then unloaded there. The first one to use it was William H. Brown, but today you can go anywhere and find one.

The new method is more efficient, says the owner, because it eliminates the need to carry the ashes down to the funeral home’s basement and transport them there. The top of the funeral home’s roof will be a full-scale crematorium – and is set to open in the spring. The question is, will the world be ready for it? If that’s the case, it could be the most exciting thing to happen in cremation since the “first wave” of cremations.

This is the thing that makes this funeral home seem more like the next level of the tech industry than a typical funeral home. A crematorium is a natural fit for a funeral home because there is no way to transport an ashes from the funeral home to the crematorium. The ashes are simply dumped in the crematorium and the cremated remains are just thrown in the dumpster. So crematoriums are actually pretty much the antithesis of funeral homes.

So the crematoriums are pretty much the antithesis of funeral homes. Their cremated remains are just thrown in the dumpster and the ashes are simply dumped in the dumpster, which is exactly what a burial or cremation needs to do.

I think I’ve got something on my side here. I think you might be right that the grave or casket is the antithesis of the funeral home. But a funeral home is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a place where people go to be buried for a short time as a form of final resting. I think it’s a pretty good metaphor.

So, what this means is that a cemetery is the antithesis of a funeral home. It’s a more or less permanent resting place for the dead, or the corpse who’s not dead yet. That is the opposite of what a funeral home is, though its similar in that it’s a place of final resting.

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