Desta is a kitchen design firm based in Houston, Texas. They specialize in custom kitchen design for the home builder. They build kitchens with custom cabinets, appliances, and flooring.

I really like the new Desta kitchen they showed me at the end of the video. It’s probably the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had a couple of kitchen design jobs done by Desta. I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail and professionalism. The one they showed me is fantastic as well.

Desta, I would love to see you back in the kitchen. I think you would make a great project manager.

Desta has been designing for home builders for awhile, but they have yet to show their work to the public. It’s nice that they are making it easy for us to learn about their designs and see them in action. I was especially impressed with their attention to detail in the kitchen. The kitchen in the video looked like its about to be the most beautiful kitchen Ive ever seen. But I was really hoping it would be the most beautiful kitchen Ive ever seen.

It looks like the video was filmed in a house built for a small family, which is not necessarily a positive attribute. But the video does show that Desta’s design is a good fit for the house they built. I’m not sure if there are any specific features I would change about the design, but it was nice to see some thought put into the design, and that they chose to include some small details that can’t be seen in other designs.

Destas design is a good example of good design that goes well with home design. It fits in with the aesthetics of the house, it’s functional, and it’s actually pretty attractive. I think it’s a great way to showcase a design that is new and fresh.

Destas design is the latest in a long line of Ethiopian kitchen designs, including such classics as this one from the 1970’s. These have been copied and imitated all over the place, but while I like the original, Im pretty much done with the designs here. Destas designs are a great example of how to make a kitchen that stands out, is functional, and is beautiful.

Destas’s design is not only eye-catching, but also has a lot of nice features. It also has a place that you can eat, cook, and relax in. This is a great place to do all those things your kitchen doesn’t.

Desta designs look like good places to eat and relax, and are a nice place to work. They also are pretty efficient because you only get one set of the food. I would recommend adding a table to your kitchen because you will eat a whole lot more food in this kitchen. This is a good place to make cooking and eating enjoyable.

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