The Canfield Craft Show is a national craft show in Chicago. This year’s show will be held on July 26 at the Grand Hyatt Chicago, and the show is open to the public. The show is a great opportunity for collectors to be a part of a big, national event that you may not have ever heard of before.

If you’re a collector or a dealer, this is one of those events that you should attend. We’re not talking about the show itself, but the people that are putting on the show. This is a fantastic opportunity for dealers, crafters, and collectors to get together in a setting where they can all have the opportunity to meet other dealers and collectors from all over the country.

We were looking at the green craft show because it was the first time people had ever seen a trailer for a game, and the trailer was quite good. It had a more “lively” feel to it (I dont want to get into the “lively” vs. “dark” debate; I know that there are some who disagree with me on this point) and it was also a bit more “out there” in terms of its story.

The trailer showed off the gameplay of the game and the world it is set in. The trailer had a nice touch to it, and there was no denying the trailer was a lot more fun to watch. It was a great opportunity for people to get together and have a nice time.

Canfield is an indie game that’s developed by a small team of four people, and was originally released with a prototype version of the game in the past. The game is set in a world of greenhouses, where you are tasked with finding the key to the mysterious green door to unlock the secret of getting new plants. The demo showed off the game’s combat and the environment. The game’s story was told through the gameplay, which was very intriguing.

The game is going to be a bit of an exclusive for this year’s Greencraft 2021 event, which is being held by the Portland Green Craft Guild. The event is a way to promote the game and also to get people together and have a nice time.

To get to the Greencraft 2021 event, you can go to the event page at and use the search feature to look for Portland Green Craft Guild event.

At the event, you can check out the game demo and game at and even get the full details at

You should pick up your own copy of the game for your next game night. As there is no word from the developer yet about a release date, I can’t help but think that the game is just a year or two away.

And in any case, you should check out the full list of game demos and games at They have the full event schedule in the event description.

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