What if you had the ability to change your mind by simply going to a light bulb? This is what I imagine would happen when you turn on the overhead light for instance. As it turns out you can do this with your mind as well.

A few months ago I wrote about the power of the mind. Now I’m going to expand that to its potential for changing the world. The technology behind this is called the “Brain Mirror.

The brain mirrors are very simple, only a small part, but they have incredible implications for the future. The most significant one is the ability to be someone else entirely. I have an image of myself as a man walking down the street. I can change my mind by simply walking past a light bulb and say, “Hey, I am someone else.” This is what the mirroring technology enables. In fact, there are already people who’ve started to do it.

The mirroring technology has been around for awhile, but I think because it’s so simple and you can do it very quickly, it’s really only a matter of time before it’s common place. And if you think about it, what is the cost of a mirror? You can just look into it and see your own face.

And then we have the other big news at a home design show. A new company called blush home has developed a system that you can take a mirror and put your face into it. In fact, they claim it’s possible to look into your own face and see your own eyes. For this you need to wear a special glass and a special pair of glasses that allow you to see your own reflection. The company claims this isn’t just a gimmick.

You might be thinking “what is the point of a mirror? Who has a mirror?” but there is a very interesting and important purpose to the mirror. The mirror allows us to see our own reflection. If you have a mirror in front of you, you can look into that mirror and see your reflection. When we look into our own reflection, we can see our own eyes, and that can reveal something about ourselves that we might not like, or even be willing to admit.

The reason we use a mirror is to see ourselves in the mirror. Our own reflection in a mirror is actually a very powerful experience. When we look into the mirror, we can see who we are and see the parts of ourselves that we might not like or even be willing to admit. But then we find out that we can also see parts of ourselves that we might like.

That’s why mirrors are great. It’s the ability to reveal the parts of our self that we don’t like that can be very useful. It’s like the mirror is the ultimate test. If there’s a part of your self that you don’t like, we can still see those parts in the mirror. We don’t have to admit or even know what it is.

The mirror can also reveal the parts of our selves we wish we didnt think about or that we wish we didnt think about. This can be a very good thing. It can reveal that part of ourselves that we like and even that we dont like. But sometimes theres a part of ourselves that we dont like, and we cant see it in the mirror. We cant see the part of ourselves that we like, but we can see the part of ourselves that we dont like.

The problem is that our “side” doesnt seem to be very real. The mirror can reveal that our sides arent really sides at all. It can reveal that most of us are in fact just mirror images of one another.

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