It’s hard to believe that the number of bedrooms in our house has increased exponentially over the past few years. I think every homeowner today has about three bedrooms – if you have a bedroom, four bedrooms – with a closet, a bathroom, and living area. I don’t think a big mistake, but it’s a mistake I think many people make.

It’s a mistake to buy a house with so many rooms, but its a mistake to make it feel like you have a lot more than you actually do. That’s why I’ve been trying to live like a minimalist, to make sure I have enough room to live here and love it.

To me, the idea of being a minimalist really is about being able to live in a way that feels more like your home. The things that make us comfortable are the things that make us happy and that is what makes us happy in our homes.

When you have a lot of space to fill, you need to set aside areas for things that you use every day. Your sofa, your dining table, your bathroom, your kitchen, your living room, your backyard, your garage, your garage door, your driveway. It’s that simple. But, this isn’t always easy. I have found that many of our houses are packed with storage rooms and closets that make it feel like there is no room for other things.

Most of the time we’re not able to put anything in a closet and, therefore, there’s no way to find it.

I don’t know about you, but that feels way too easy. It’s not like it’s hard to fill a closet. It’s hard to find your phone, but you can find your phone, but you can’t find your phone because you don’t know what it is. So, yeah, that’s easy.

The truth is that you can actually do a lot more than just fill a closet. You can use it to store your stuff. You can hide it. You can hide a lot of it. This is why I say don’t forget about your closets, they are a great way to store stuff that you dont have room for. And, as a bonus, they can also act as a great way to hide a lot of other stuff that you dont want people to see.

If you want to store stuff for a while you can buy a lot of stuff that you dont have room for. Whether it be old junk or just stuff that you might want someone to find later, you can store it behind a wall or under your bed, and you dont even have to have it for that long.

I think we’ve all forgotten how much we want to hide stuff. I want my car insurance to be an exception, because I don’t want to have to hide the fact I recently moved to a new state. If you have a place you dont want to have people see, you can just hide it or get creative with the storage. Just make sure you get out as soon as possible before someone finds you.

It’s not just stuff that you need to hide. Often times we just don’t want to be found. For instance, if you are searching for the house of someone you don’t know, don’t just start asking questions like, “Where is this house?” or “Do you know where this person lives?” Just say, “I need to look at your report,” and that should get your attention.

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