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A lot of folks think that we’re just going to tell you how to get more social following on your blog, but we’re going to teach you how to get more social influence on your blog, too. We’re going to show you how to create a positive relationship with your readers. We’re going to show you how to have a conversation about your content. We’re going to show you how to work better with readers.

We all know that a blog is great for generating traffic, but blogs don’t create relationships. You can’t create a relationship on a blog. You can make a little relationship with a reader, but that’s it. The best way to have a conversation with a reader is to talk to them about what you’re writing about. That’s the best way to have a positive relationship with your readers.

Roscoe Jenkins talks about this in his new video, “How to Talk to a Reader” which goes into some of the ways to talk to a person about your content. He talks about how to make it easy for readers to comment on your posts and how to avoid sounding like a spammer.

Another great video for this is from Roscoe Jenkins himself. He talks about why he doesn’t use the “reply” button in his blog to respond to comments that you leave, and how he prefers to answer questions from readers.

A comment left on your blog is an important part of the comment-based community. However, its important to make sure that you don’t have to make a comment on every one of them. That would make it difficult for readers to keep up with your content. The simple solution is to use a comment-as-text feature.

I use this feature on my blog to answer questions about the game. You can read all about it here: How do I reply to comments on roscoejenkins.wordpress.

If you don’t have a comment-as-text feature on your blog, you can email [email protected] and we can get you set up.

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