I am one of those people that can read and comprehend the words of a person’s obituary. I can write them down and feel and see how they’ve lived their lives. But not everyone’s obituary is the same. Some people just write a long obituary and some just a short one. It doesn’t matter to me. They are both important, I just wish they were written in the same way.

I have a very long obituary and it is a lengthy one. It tells a story of a person’s life from a lot of different perspectives. It tells the reader everything about the person and all of the things they did and had to do in their lives. It also gives a few good tips about what to expect from the person in their last days.

The short one is just as good. These are the obituaries I get for friends of mine who die. It tells me about their lives, what they did, how they died, what they accomplished, etc. It’s a short form of what I have here.

Funeral homes have a lot to say when they get people to let them know that they are thinking of them. When you get a death notice it really shows how the person left the world a little bit brighter and happier. And now you’re going to be getting a funeral notice. It gives them a chance to say ‘oh I’m so sorry I can’t be with you, but I love you.’ It shows that they are still with us and that they are still loved.

How did I end up in a funeral home? I don’t know.

I was going to say that even if youre not getting a funeral notice, you might be getting a peck funeral. Thats my take on it. If you are getting a peck funeral, you dont want to be around people who do. We all have to deal with that at some point. I know that at least one person who is a peck funeral I know is in the same situation I am. It sucks, but you have to deal with it.

I know a family who are dealing with a family member who is a peck funeral. I dont know if you had to actually go through the funeral home, or if you just were told they were going to be in the funeral home, but you could have a peck funeral. Thats all I know. I dont know if you were told, but I think people are still with us even if you dont get a peck funeral.

What’s the worst thing about a peck funeral? You get to see the person. I know this sounds bad, but you can only see the person for a certain amount of time. I suppose that’s why it’s called a “peck funeral.

As it turns out, when Colt Vahn wakes up, he finds himself in a dead peck funeral at a funeral home. He’s been given the task of taking out eight Visionaries (named after former Visionaries and their respective former heads), who he thinks will die. He’s got a gun, some grenades, and lots of bullets. He also finds a corpse in a coffin and a message on the wall.

Apparently you can only see someone for a certain period of time (about three minutes), and there are no means to end this person’s life. Because even if you could, Colt Vahn would still be just about as dead as a peck funeral, so what is the point of all this? I guess he has to put the body in a coffin to make it look real.

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