I love to design and build custom homes, and I have no problem sharing that love with the world. I feel privileged to be able to build, design, and personally build custom homes for others and have the pleasure of serving as a client to so many amazing families. My designs have been featured in publications such as Dwell, Design New York, House Beautiful, and more. I have also been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and most recently, HGTV.

My clients have included such esteemed names such as Oprah, Elizabeth Weise, and the greats (Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, and Richard Gere) as well as local celebrity homes such as Mark and Jamie Lee, Justin Beal, and the greats. I’ve also built for celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore, and the greats.

My work has also been featured in Architectural Digest, American Builder, Home & Garden, and more.

I feel like I’m in the right business, I’ve been very successful in building custom homes all over the country. I have a lot of happy clients because they trust me to build their dream home.

I love customizing homes, and I love the custom house industry. I’ve built homes for a great amount of celebrities, so I’ve seen it all. But I’ve also had some clients that I’ve built homes for that don’t fit in this category. They just don’t fit. To be honest, I have a hard time understanding the term “customer.

Martone is a custom home builder. In this case, the word customer is used as a derogatory term. And I like that. It is not an adjective, as it is used in the movie Business (the title of the book I wrote when I first started writing custom home posts). I am not interested in building houses, I am interested in customizing them.

When I talk to clients, they often ask me about the difference between a custom home and a custom house. I usually tell them that the difference comes down to two categories. The first is a custom house, and this is where the builder makes the final decision on the colors of the rooms, the finishes, and the placement of the furniture.

A custom home is not a “blank canvas” where the builder makes choices. Instead, a custom house is one that was built specifically, and only, for the client’s desires. This is not a home that is a “made for anyone” in any sense of the word. I have built over 2,000 custom homes since starting my custom home blog in 2007.

In general, you cannot expect a builder to be able to take your house from you and build the perfect home for you if you don’t show it to them. They may have a great idea for your home, but it’s not their job to be perfect. I have also seen builders make changes to the architecture of their homes without consulting with the owner, or not informing them that they would be taking over the design of the home.

So far this year I have not lost a single custom home I built. I have built many custom homes from scratch because I love building them and I have a great understanding of what I want in a home. My new home was built from scratch. My friend Joe, who has a very large custom home business, built one for me in the most authentic way possible. I was able to build it exactly as I wanted it, and Joe did it for the exact price he wanted.

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