The annual review of brokers who trade in forex (six years in a row) is among the most frequently cited in the field. With more than 50,000 words worth of research conducted on this site, our team have spent hundreds of hours testing brokers for forex every year. Here’s the method we use to examine. Let’s read about the best forex trading platforms

The top Forex brokers, to start with, have three fundamental qualities.

The most significant characteristic is the broker’s reputation as a regulated and reliable brand. The second is an easy-to-use web-based platform that offers an array of education sources. Thirdly, access to top-quality and relevant market research.

In our annual 6th review of the forex as well as a contract for differences (CFD) brokers, we opened demo accounts. We explored different forex and mobile applications platforms, doing market analysis, testing website functionality, and watching informative webinars and videos.

CFDs are complicated instruments with a high chance of losing money quickly because of leverage. Between 85 and 65 per cent of retail investor accounts cannot recover funds in trading CFDs. It is important to know the way CFDs operate and if you can afford the chance of losing your money.

What exactly is forex trading?

The forex trading process is the practice of converting one currency into another — also known as trading or buying pairs according to the current exchange rates in the forex market. Forex is considered the most significant worldwide market, with over $6.59 trillion worth of currencies exchanged daily.

What exactly is a Forex broker?

If you are trading currencies in foreign currency, you utilize the services of a forex broker (also called a broker for trading in currencies) to execute your trades. When you trade in forex and sell or buy with currencies that have a pair that includes “EUR/USD” or “EUR / USD” (euro USD or U.S. dollars). The account is opened, you place funds in it, and you make use of the broker’s trading platform to buy and sell currencies with margin. Forex markets are accessible all hours of the day, all week.

To get more information about the fundamentals of trading forex, we suggest using the School of Pipsology and the National Financial Association’s Trading Forex booklet.

The Best Forex Brokers for Beginners

Here’s a list of the top forex brokers for novice forex traders.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets (CMC), established in 1989, is a well-established publically traded and highly valued U.K. Forex broker that has adjusted to the constantly changing world of online brokerage. CMC Markets has been listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol CMCX. As with many forex brokers, CMC cannot take U.S. traders.

CMC Markets is for all kinds of trader, from beginner retail trader wanting to try their hand at the trading world of CFDs, forex, and spread betting to the seasoned veteran who wants to be exposed to a wide range of offerings. CMC Markets’ fees are reasonable compared to other brokers and rank highly on several of our lists. The firm is recognized as the winner of the Investopedia Best Overall Forex Broker and Best Forex Broker with a Variety of Services in 2020.

London Capital Group (LCG): Best for Beginners

London Capital Group (LCG), established in 1996, has been able to stay ahead in the extremely aggressive online brokerage market. LG’s most recent rebranding attempt took place in 2016 with the release of the LCG Trader. This, along with the widespread MT4 (downloadable) platform and a functional mobile app, comprises LCG’s total online offerings to consumers. LCG gives access to the largest range of CFDs and spread betting instruments in various asset types. Similar to the other instruments listed, LCG does not accept U.S. traders.

One of the largest U.K.-based Forex brokers, LCG provides a broad selection of asset classes and an effortless trading experience. LG’s rates are reasonable compared to other brokers, and the company is ranked top of our list regarding customer support. With these advantages and its clear commitment to simplicity in operation, LCG is well-suited to new traders. Apart from being highly rated all-around, the business has been named the winner of Investopedia’s Best Forex Brokers, specifically for Beginners for 2020. While you don’t need to be a novice to take advantage of its services, LCG is hard to beat for those just beginning your journey.

Saxo Capital Markets: Best for Advanced Traders

Denmark’s Saxo Bank Group (Saxo Bank), founded in 1992, classifies itself as “a leading Fintech specialist focused on multi-asset trading and investment and delivering ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to wholesale clients.” The company took advantage of technological advances in the latter part of the 1990s when creating one of the first internet-based trading platforms in 1998. Saxo Bank has operated in the United Kingdom since 2006 through its subsidiary Saxo Capital Markets U.K. Ltd (SCML), and as with many other forex brokers, they don’t allow U.S. traders.

Saxo Capital Markets is for the sophisticated trader. It offers various brokerage services targeted at highly active investors, traders, professionals, institutions, and professionals. Account holders with smaller balances will face many unique obstacles, which include higher minimum account requirements, a wide range of charges, and fewer options for customer service. Tiered accounts can lower costs for trading and offer advantages as equity grows; however, the majority of consumers will experience difficult in reaching the more prestigious levels of customer service. The company has been ranked as the winner of Investopedia’s Best Forex Brokers for advanced traders in 2020. You can look into exness review to learn more about forex trading.

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