It was later revealed that the lots found in her breasts weren’t cancerous. Doctors say the benign cysts were the results of fibrocystic breast disease, which comes with its own issues. The couple has dated for a quantity of years now however they have officially been together for under a yr after getting engaged in June final year.

Tessica Brown goes viral after experiencing yet one more hair disaster. Keep scrolling to see why the social media star—first introduced to the world as “Gorilla Glue Girl”— is hopping on social media to as soon as again share her hair woes. While many came to know Tessica as the “Gorilla Glue lady,” she has 5 youngsters who call her mother. Since her TikTok video caught hearth, life has modified dramatically for both her and her children. Tessica stated that she’s tried to maneuver past the traumatic incident, but the viral video follows her everywhere she goes. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng provided to remove the glue.

“I just want all people, the ladies my age, the ladies older than me, the little youngsters, my youngsters — we want to actually realize our hair really do not make us,” she mentioned. “If I would’ve just overlooked of here without spraying , it will’ve gotten messed up, I wouldn’t have went by way of all of this. It’s not price it in any respect.” A person commented on her video from the hospital and motivated Tessica that she is going to get via this. Another person said that at this level, Tessica seems like their household and they are invested in this collectively.

On February eleventh, reports that a Louisiana man named Len Martin received a cup glued to his lip after covering it in Gorilla Glue and raising it to his face as if drinking from it . Doctors managed to peel the cup off of his lip, and informed him to cover it while it heals. Instead of extra-strong adhesive, Brown’s followers can use her$14 “Forever Hold,”which she advised TMZ will hold a ponytail like glue, however with out the nightmare side effects that made her famous. Today, Tessica is merging her viral past expertise along with her longtime love for haircare and launched her personal assortment, TB Forever Hair.

However, we later reported that she could not withdraw the funds after her GoFundMe web page was locked since many alleged that the account was fraudulent. “They won’t even launch it to me as a end result of that many people have referred kate johansson onlyfans to as and mentioned it was a fraudulent account. Every time you have a look at it, it says it’s beneath investigation,” Brown told The Post throughout a Zoom interview.